Transcribe Summer Lab: Social-Spatial Practices in Braga┬┤s Social Housing Neighbourhoods

Space Transcribers reunited an international and interdisciplinary team of 33 students and 8 mentors in order to debate and to make visible the existing complexities and realities present in three social housing neighbourhoods in Braga.

Transcribing: Participatory Actions

9 September 2017

Delivery of the Photographs developed in the activity

Delivery of the Photographs developed in the activity "Monuments of my Neighbourhood": Photography Workshop to the young residents of Bairros das Enguardas, Santa Tecla and Picoto.

Transcribing: Participatory Actions

26 August 2017

Start-up of the activity Monuments of my Neighbourhood: Photography Workshop

It started the activity “Monuments of my Neighbourhood”: Photography Workshop in 3 social housing neigbourhoods of Braga: Bairro Social das Enguardas; Bairro Social de Santa Tecla and Complexo Habitacional do Picoto.

Transcribing: Participatory Actions

29 July 2017

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