"(Re)Writing our neighbourhood" is a three-year project promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Braga, consisting of a series of initiatives which seek to promote an effective inclusion of the communities living in three social neighbourhoods in Braga.

 The Integrated Plan of Action for Disadvantaged Communities (PAICD) of the Municipality of Braga, the leading entity of the partnership, has been approved within the scope of its Strategic Urban Development Plan (PEDU), considering as its top priority three of the city's social neighbourhoods: “Santa Tecla” Neighbourhood, “Enguardas” Social Neighbourhood and the Housing Complex of “Picoto”. They are three publicly managed neighbourhoods: the Municipality of Braga and Bragahabit are responsible for both in regard to the buildings and to public space. The selection of these three Neighbourhoods respects the priority given and assumed by the Municipality of Braga to the urban and environmental regeneration of disqualified residential areas, namely to the Social Neighbourhoods and, in this context, to the rehabilitation of buildings, to the qualification of the public space and of the collective equipment, as main interventions for the improvement of the population’s living conditions and for the effectiveness of social inclusion processes.

Thus, in articulation with the interventions foreseen in the PAICD, we outlined the "(Re)Write our neighbourhood" operation because we intend to promote social inclusion initiatives, in the social neighbourhoods defined in the PEDU, in order to articulate immaterial interventions with the target locations of the urban intervention. In addition to the urban rehabilitation, a concern stemming from an effective inclusion of these communities arises, through the creation of an action that enhances the sense of identity and belonging, allowing the reconstruction "with" the residents and not only "for" the residents. We intend not only to give new life to these neighbourhoods with the renovation of infrastructures, but also to fill gaps in the social integration, in the employment and in the training of local leaderships with a set of activities defined under this operation. These activities end up being defined as integrative proposals for the active inclusion, with innovative programmes of social experimentation and of territorial, pedagogic, social and artistic animation, promoting entrepreneurship and jobs in these communities.